Together with SPEEDLINE, Porsche China Owners Club Circuit Experience Day is coming!

July 13, 2020 by speedline - No Comments

If driving is a person’s loneliness, then the car must be a carnival for a group of people.Recently, the Beijing Goldenport Circuit exploded with a burst of “rumbling”. It was originally the first Porsche Motorsport Club Experience Day in 2020 sponsored by British SPEEDLINE motor oil in Beijing Station!

SPEEDLINE engine oil is the sponsor of many domestic and foreign competitions such as BTCC and is a designated oil for many professional teams as a high-quality lubricants. SPEEDLINE engine oil deeply understands the value of participating in motor sports and has always regarded the professional stadium as a stage to prove its strength.

The SPEEDLINE brand attaches a great importance to the needs and market trends of consumers.

This event is one of the reflections of the interaction between SPEEDLINE oil and offline consumers.

Born on the track, running on the road is the constant gene of Porsche Henggu.

Joining the Porsche China Car Owner Club not only has the opportunity to meet more like-minded Porsche car owner friends, but also participate in a variety of rich activities, including the track experience that is difficult for ordinary people to touch.

Before the event has begun, I will take the opportunity to take a good look at the “Auto Show”

The 911 GT2 RS and 911 GT3 RS, which are extremely rare in the ordinary days, what kind of drama will be staged today?

Unlike the previous static vehicle display party, this time the real guns were on the field. The daily investment in the car is the time to let it reward you for driving the car on the track, and feel the thrill of unity!
The rules of the competition are 30 points for each event in the lap scoring competition which have 20 people for the whole year. The competition time is from June to October. The venue is announced in advance: June 12th Beijing Golden Port Speedway July Qinhuangdao Shougang Speedway July August Ordos International Speedway September Tianjin V1 Circuit September October Shanghai International Speedway Awards are divided into the top three in a single race and the top three in the total score of the year.
The drivers have already rubbed their hands, so if you don’t speak much, let the race begin!
The Porsche brand strives for excellence in performance and ultimate performance. It perfectly integrates sound, touch and vision into each body to provide the purest driving pleasure for Porsche owners.
After the intense competition of car enthusiasts, the final awards at all levels are famous. The pursuit of speed has always been the passion of the majority of fans. In the process of pursuing the limit of performance, the flagship product XTREME R series brought to you by SPEEDLINE Adopt unique “Multi-Parametric Blending Technique” and new technology formula to maximize the performance!Behind a simple trophy is the blood of all car lovers.

Although the race is only one day, the schedule is quite proper. Not only have the friends built up the friendship established in the car, but also completed the challenge to themselves. With the continuous development of the domestic racing culture and the continuous development of the car enthusiasts from the private sector, more and more participate in this sport a lot.

At the Porsche China Car Owners Club Track Experience Day 2020, the first Beijing station ended successfully in Qinhuangdao Station in July. Goodbye!