The 600 hps behemoths Triumph! Macau GP final MTCS Speedline victory of the season opener

June 1, 2018 by Speedline - No Comments

Last weekend, more than 80 race cars participate together at Zhuhai International track of two different groups of races, even if the air temperature is more than 35, two days are experiencing stress via rain, heat, water, it is really exciting. For nearly 80 cars, although only 15 vehicles used Speedline oil, but strength in many hundreds of hps under the monster witnessed! Select the cooperation Speedline fleet respectively gains four tournament champion, a victory of the two quarters of personal car performance.

Macau cup and road Challenge

Macau Grand Prix at the end of each held a grand and in the last year of the war maczu GP can be regarded as the team and the drivers of the final chapter, became the table full ability is perfect period for the opportunity to speak on this time only, each Cup Champion has only a desperate efforts throughout the year to this small town. Up to Hong Kong and Macao car belligerent CTM Cup and road race weekend on the successful completion of the opener, speedline on cooperation as a weapon in the absence in Macau GP nominated races? The nearly 15 vehicles optional using high quality UK Speedline race oil.

The new league system continues in the annual planning of the 1.6T Macau Cup Race Less vehicle system not be much of a change, still the traditional ranking and race in Macau Grand Prix entrant filter. With regard to the participants in the years surge the road race cars to the nearest 50. The car will be in Macau Annual Innovation on a more stringent, more equitable and test drivers and fleet of new league system. Nearly half of the riders will continue in the form of average divided into two groups and two groups to take the lead in their first round of qualifying for the two groups before the twenty cars are to enter the second round qualifying for a total of 40 vehicles. After the end of the 40 cars for finals and final of the 40 cars respectively for A, B, C, D points, two sub-stations throughout the year a total of four rounds of performance-computing, the only indicators of a lb. Only the first 18 to enter the Race of Macau.

This week matches the weather report indicates the highest degree 34.7 since 2018, on the schedule during the exercise have been languishing in the heat. Until the start of the first five minutes to up a heavy rain, all convoys instant replace with water out of the tire and to create a time as soon as possible and hold position. The showers last less than ten minutes after intense again in sunny, plus track has water tire do lap Cars kept driving, ranking only 10 minutes off the track has been submitted dry for convoys to speed again for the car and put something dry tires out here again, qualifying is also reach to peak.


The Speedline Fleet got the champion

1.6T Group, a total victory for the first time this year, cooperation with Speedline new momentum fleet performance stability, the racer-ja, Ip Tak Ming, Song Chi-wai can be congestion as top ten for fleet achieved important results, connect the two round fleet championship at the same time are also important indicators for individuals themselves, for Macau Cup qualification for location! Another is the strongest lineup rock of the Wing fleet has outdone, home to Gaza and the Su Hua greater than two round respectively on the meeting name rank, in addition several new Dr Lam Kui-pui, Wong Chun Ho, Mr Chan-young girls also play an ideal performance.

As regards key road challenge. Nor is it a more! New momentum fleet once again to the throne, Mr Ng Kin-Wing and Miss CHOY Tak-Hoon won the two teams together. Two of the more than 6 horsepower Behemoths of heat test the wanton and at the 12 laps the oil temperature and the oil pressure equally with standard play! As regards the last top Macau Shin Young Fleet Liang Xin Rong also wins the first place for eligibility to a larger gap achieve pole to win the road race champion of the place that he and Speedline is the second year in a greater input into this year, the team became a full member of the world.