The 1st day of fierce fighting TCR China Zhuhai (Ho Wai-kuen perfect show direct from victory)

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On 19 May, TCR China & Speedline oil in the new season of 2018. The first battle in Zhuhai International Speedway officially begun and two qualifying and the first round of the finals in the morning and afternoon respectively in the race. The first round of the final of the macpro racing team fleet Ho Wai-kuen with outstanding start by leading and remove the victory of the Jie Kai Fleet Bobby Wang, a second hot pursuit, NewFaster fleet Wang Hao ranked at third. The TRC fleet Tse-leung, Wong Tung-hsiung won the top 2 in Group B, Shin Young fleet (Jeronimo Badaraco in 3rd position). The first round of the convoy Cup won by the MacPro Racing Team.

Qualifying at the 1st quarter, D-Garage Fleet Lo Sze Ho is driving the first show Kia Cee’d in the TCR China at 0.112 seconds of extracting Jie Kai Fleet Bobby Wang. Shanghai Han Ting DRT Fleet Lai Wai became third. Qualifying at section 2, Newfaster Fleet Jie Wang Hao Kai Fleet Ka Tai & Leo Fleet LEE CHU wins the first three.

At 9 am, maintenance area green light was on, 1st qualifying started as scheduled. The first run 巴達華高 done 1 mins 47secs 359 first make a breakthrough 1 mins 50secs, but this achievement then broke by Ho Wai-kuen and TRC Fleet Tang Chi-lun. In the next two runs TANG Chi-lun lift the rhythm to further Zoom close to himself and the distance between the top. After then, Lai Wai was rushing to the front and achieved one of the fastest lap to 1 mins 45 secs 706. Bobby Wang climbed up to the 2nd position. Time only 0.033 secs difference.

The first section at the end of the race, the sudden emergence by Cisco Ho achieve in 1 minutes 45 seconds 627 became at top boarding. Bobby Wang was followed, Lai Wei became in the third. The results then locked after the first three ranking by Ho Wai-kuen, Wang Hao & Tang Chi-lun. Ranking of Group B: Tang Chi 焌, Li Lin, the Tat-wah high, Tse-leung and Lam Ka-chun, Wong Tung-hung and Mr Lee Hak blade.

TCR China Zhuhai Site Section 1 Qualifying 3 photograph before the full Court

Came to qualifying in section II, Ka Tai, Wang Hao and LEE Chu in occupies the first three, Shin Young Fleet Liang Xin Rong soon also mentioned on the pace of the 3rd, Macpro Racing Team Fleet Texas also refresh the fastest performance came to the 4th.

Half of the countdown, Wang Hao moved forward again and the audience will be the fastest time to 1 mins46 secs 511, Ka Tai 0.184 secs difference be the 2nd, Li Chu came back to the 3rd. The 1st 3 rankings have thus continued until the end of the tournament and the remaining ranking order are Texas, Kwong & Tse. Ranking of Group B: Chen, Lee Ying, Wong Tung-Hung, Tang and Xinmin.

The 1st round of the finals: Ho won the 1st

At 4:36pm, total of nine laps of the first round of the finals. Ho made a mistake to fall to teams tail, Albert Ho keep chasing and suppress to bobby. Wang Hao also passed Lai Wai and became in 3rd position. Before entering the third bend in the outside line, Li Chu miss the brake and rush into the gravel buffer.

Tang Chi-lun in the first ring last bend slip cross on the track in the Center, Lai Wei Tang Chi-lun as avoiding pressure on the outside of the lawn, but success escape. Tang Chi for emergency avoidance similarly slip out of the track. At the same time, group B Bada was equally affected by the loss of the front of the accident and the TRC Fleet Tse-leung and Wong Tung-hung over, but he has adjusted the tempo, still snap to Wong Tung-hsiung tail.

In the leading group has not been able to get rid of  Wei. Bobby Wang, Wang Hao, and Lai Wai has become after two personal time to start. Start failures of the Cisco Ho momentum ferocious has been the 6th in front of the very tight with group B Tse-liang. In the 5th round, Ho Wai-kuen slightly pull out Bobby Wang, the gap between Roh Cisco ho in the first bend beyond back to complete the 5th.

Today at the end of the race, Wang Hao gradually be the former between two cars. Ho on lap eight offensives the extension. Finally, Ho be the 1st reached the ending point. Wang lost 0.861 secs became 2nd, Wang ranked at 3rd. In group A of the remaining ranking of Lai, Lo, Tang. In group B, Tse became 1st , Wong became 2nd Texas became 3rd, the remaining ranking are belonged to Lee & Lam.