TCR China Round2 battles Ningbo score twice

September 3, 2018 by Speedline - No Comments

On 1st September, Ningbo International Circuit. TCR China completed the first two rounds of the second round in the afternoon and afternoon, and yesterday’s qualifying pole winner – MacProRacing Team (Andre Couto) won the “Pole-to-Win” in two consecutive games. Final day.

First round final: highly dominant game
The first round final started at 9:18 in the morning, and the red light went out after the warm-up circle began. Du Jiaping, the vertical and horizontal team, got off to the top of the two cars. The MacPro Racing Team team Tong also came to the fourth. The height of the pole position seemed to be conservative. Zhu took the opportunity to attack, but because he was outside the corner. Can work. Li immediately bite Zhu and completed the transcendence before the eleventh turn. Xu also regained the fourth position.

In the next lap, Li Lin lost some speed in the first stage of the track and lost some speed. Zhu Zhenyu completed the counterattack and returned to the second. The height of the front immediately brushed out the fastest lap time of the whole game. It has already established an advantage of nearly 4 seconds. In contrast, the middle-class war group, Xu Jiatai was suppressed by Tang Youxi, and the two fell into a fierce fight. From the third lap, Zhu Zhenyu gradually found the rhythm and slowly stabilized the position, and Xu Jiatai once again returned to the starting position.

Xu Jiatai lifted the speed after getting rid of Tang Youxi and quickly shortened the distance with Li Lin in front. The remaining two laps of the game, Xu Jiatai has been posted to the end of Li Lin, the two played a battle for the final stage of the podium. On the last lap, Xu Jiatai launched an attack on the T1 inside, but the car contacted Li Lin’s left rear side after locking the tires. After this slight rub, Li Lin’s car did not seem to be a big problem, but Xu Jiatai’s car lost more speed. On the other hand, Tang Youxi suspected that the car breakdown had fallen to the end of the team.

At the end, the Macau driver was the first to meet the final. Zhu Zhenyu ranked second, Li Lin third, Xu Jiatai, Tian Liying, Du Jiaping and Dai Lingyi ranked fourth to seventh. Gao, Zhu Zhenyu and Li Lin won the third place in the Group A, and Tian Liying, Dai Lingyi and Du Jiaping won the third place in Group B respectively.

Second round final: high victory chase and then summit

In the second round, the height started again at the pole position and smoothly brought out. Zhou Bihuang, who started the CUS team’s front row, appeared to be idling and slipping. He was overtaken by the MacPro Racing Team and the Jiekai team Wang Risheng. Wang Risheng was on the second lap. Lost the rhythm a little, the position was easily taken by Li Lin behind him. Then when Kong riding out the corner, he rode too many shoulders and slipped. Li Lin went to a position again, and Wang Risheng and Zhou Bihuang pursued the situation, surpassing Kong.

The height began to redraw the fastest speed of the audience, and soon opened a safe distance, the rear car is difficult to pose a threat to him. Zhou Bihuang tried to get close to Wang Risheng, but the gap between the two was always more than one second. Then Wang Risheng began to speed up, and gradually got rid of Zhou Bihuang’s pursuit.

As the game progressed, Wang Risheng’s figure in Li Lin’s rearview mirror became closer and closer. On the penultimate lap, the front and rear pump handles of the two men’s cars were almost stuck together. At the end of the game, Wang Risheng tried to pass Li Lin on the outside. Li Lin’s defense in the paint was a little reluctant, and the car slowed down. Unfortunately, he ran into Wang Risheng’s Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR. After the collision, Wang Risheng’s car slammed into the sandstone buffer zone, Li Lin also stopped outside the track, and both of them regretted to retire.

The leading Macau driver was highly strolled and won another victory today. Zhou Bihuang and Yan Jianzhong successively rushed, followed by Li Xuefeng, Du Jiaping and Dai Lingyi. Among them, the height, Zhou Bihuang and Yan Key were awarded the third place in the Group A, and the first three in the B group were obtained by Li Xuefeng, Du Jiaping and Dai Lingqi.

The second round of the championship height determines the number of reversed third-round cars tomorrow in the draw after the game. The top 1/3 of the cars will be in reverse order.