Speedline Oil leapfrog challenges to complete 600km to fight witnessed quality

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The Zhuhai International Speedway sponsored the first 2018 tournament (The 2018 Track hero 600 km endurance race) of the fierce contention for a period of four hours of the battle of endurance, does not go to the final phase is still fails.

The Races in addition to test drivers, fleet, policies for the performance requirements and stability is a severe test, at the same time it is also put to the test the one around the car is truly witnessed the performance demon detector, what exactly what cucurbit sell pharmaceutical, product research and development of technology and strength is to reflect and SPEEDLINE oil also are in a tough race once more strength that wins the overall winner.

Fair Battle

Track hero 600 km Endurance Racing Game Rules have clearly defined for the entire game, each car competed chariot requires a minimum of two drivers, each alternately driving cars played the game consecutive time exceed the 45min of most of the endurance race, each participating vehicles are required at various times during the race access to the pit for substitutions, the oil, and more access to the pit, seize opportunities, maintain safety car racing durability and so on are all car fleet and the trial of strength between strategic and fully reflect the team spirit and multifaceted cooperation and experienced riders will communicate with the fleet, if any problems occur car made soon so that preparation for the work of the team with the most favorable time into the pit repair, if the same team has two or more cars, the tacit understanding even more!

Plently of Top class racers

This event attracted investments from different parts of the world fleet war, even factory team also has sent a BELLIGERENT car! Including the AUDI R8 GT3 LMS, RS3 TCR, BENZ AMG GT3, Lin Po-GT3 huracan guineas, GT4 porsche cayman, FD2 honda civic, TCR leon, golf TCR, seirocco cup car of the chariot of different types such as participation in the competition. The press engine volume further divided multiple groups, including a group (2001cc to 3800cc), Group B (1601cc to 2000cc), 1600cc or group C (below) and open group (GT3 and the Fia GTC specifications of the vehicle or a trophy recognized accepted). The SPEEDLINE cooperation. this fleet to 2017 Macau Cup champions of the wing fleet, Fleet dispatched four riders to Hong Kong and Macao to the united battle against the TCR golf whiz and ultra-ran, including the Niger, had experienced a number championship the Yang Xin Rong and Wong Kwai Wah, partners take two young drivers into HO and Dr Lam Kui-pui, plus the latest golf TCR 2.0T war vehicle, ask ding three highest position.

After 240 minutes at the track

Beginning of the game starts, are basically open vehicles leading groups. Macau Cup fleet “fleet” Shin Young collaborate and four discussed later in this race tapping a gatekeeper rotation driving to Shin Young fleet as racing experience over the years with high stability of four cooperation, in the endurance race. Stable lap and its precise policy.