Speedline China and Hong Kong drivers challenge themselves

September 3, 2018 by Speedline - No Comments

In recent years, the most popular motor sports believe that non-endurance races are none other than the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, and the 24-hour endurance races in Newburgh and Dubai are the events that many drivers dream of. This kind of event does not necessarily take the championship as the initial goal, because it is not easy to complete the event. This time Speedline teamed up with three Chinese and Hong Kong drivers to challenge! How do they feel before the game?

Andy Yan said: “Because I am participating for the first time, I am going to the theoretical class and the field observation environment this morning. I finally passed the exam and qualified for the competition this weekend. I went to the first practice and I probably drove 18 circles. After running for a few laps, it has already rained heavily. After replacing the water, you will continue to test. After the rain, you will return to the dry land soon. It is very challenging to adapt to the strange track of dry land and wetland in this extremely short time. Usually, it is necessary to adapt to the new track. Most of them only need to keep in mind the corners and shoulders, etc., but because of the continuous green corners of the hell, there are many roads and undulations, the road surface changes a lot, and there is a bit of bad road. In the familiar situation, it is necessary to attack at high speed. This is the biggest difficulty. We will have a six-hour competition tomorrow, and we hope that we can gradually grasp the rhythm of more ideal and handy in the whole process.

Wong said: “This time there are many different new challenges for me. First of all, I have run through this track before, but it is the first time to participate in the endurance race. And I have participated in the battle with two Ford teammates at ctcc this time. It’s a brand new combination. Plus it’s a new attempt to rain today, and it’s all a very valuable experience for us, because we plan to come back to this in next year.

Ho said: “I am here for the fifth time. I have been there for 24 hours in May this year. I used to work with several different teams. But there is actually an idea to organize a Chinese driver to participate. In the twenty-four hour competition, I believe that there should be some good heads, and I hope that I can find some high-quality sponsors to run this game.

Because this track is both well-known and difficult, it takes a long time to experience the game to have good results. In fact, these two years are slowly accumulating. The two domestic teammates Andy and Sunny both have recognition and like to come to foreign competitions to feel the level here. Everyone hopes to learn something, so we organized this competition together. I am very pleased that the sponsorships of New Faster and Speedline have contributed to this competition. The weather is quite changeable. I hope to complete the target “receipt” and accumulate more experience for future competitions.