SPEEDLINE battles the legendary streets of Macau Guia Competition again

December 8, 2021 by Speedline - No Comments

On 19thNovember, the 68th Macau Grand Prix started its first race day. The British SPEEDLINE helped Hong Kong champion driver Zhen Zhuowei and Huang Chuhan of the NewFaster team to fight Haojiang again and fight the legendary streets again, striving to go further.

Today’s schedule is quite tight. After one practice session, the qualifying starts in the afternoon. In other words, all participating drivers only have one time to familiarize themselves with the track before entering the qualifying session.

Hong Kong driver Zhen Zhuowei drove the Civic TypeR steadily at the beginning, and once rose to the second position. The Chinese driver Huang Chuhan who drove the Audi RS3 also moved up to fifth place, which was fairly smooth.

The 6.2-km Guia Yang Mountain Circle is known for its thrills. The track has both super-high-speed sections speeding through the bustling city and continuous bends through winding mountain roads. In the pursuit of extreme speed, drivers often need to fast-track past the guardrails and rocks, swimming between their limits. At the same time, street racing also has the characteristics of constantly changing grip, so there only have a very little room for fault tolerance for the driver. Zhen Zhuowei and Huang Chuhan are both experienced drivers on the Macau circuit. They took the lead in making a basic time at the start of the race and then making an impact. Sure enough! A red flag appeared unexpectedly on the fifth lap of the circuit.

The race was suspended for five minutes and then reopened. With only 13 minutes left in qualifying, other drivers were not to be outdone. The lap time increased again and again. Zhen Zhuowei had fallen to fifth place and Huang Chuhan was also squeezed out of the tenth place. Until some of the cars had returned to the pit lane, with only three minutes left, the two drivers pushed forward again at full speed, hoping to make a faster lap time.

Living up to expectations, Zhen Zhuowei ended the qualifying game in third place and Huang Chuhan finished in ninth place.

On Saturday, the Macau Guia Race will start the first round of the final contest. I look forward to the wonderful performance of the NewFaster team Huang Chuhan and Hong Kong driver Zhen Zhuowei!

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