SPEEDLINE assist NewFaster team challenge the legendary of Circuito da Guia Macau

November 20, 2020 by Speedline - No Comments

On 20-22 Nov SPEEDLINE British assisted the NewFaster team to compete the 67th Macau Grand Prix Guia with four luxury race cars.

Huang Chuhan, Li Wanqi, Sun Junlong and Zou Baolong will join forces to challenge the legendary Guia Street and compete with racers whose all from China. The race is about to start, and all members of the NewFaster team have been in full swing in the paddock.

Huang Chuhan is the team leader and in charge who will partner with the experienced racer Li Wanqi to compete under the Xincheng Real Estate Fanshide team. Two drivers will drive No. 81 and No. 51 Audi RS3 LMS TCR cars respectively; while Sun Junlong and Zou Baolong are two new racers whose are driving the Audi RS3 LMS TCR, and the two will join to fight for honor on behalf of the NewFaster team.

As a senior experienced driver in the team, Hong Kong star Li Wanqi has played in the Macau Grand Prix since 1988 and has driven many famous racing cars in the Guia circle. Following the 2017 China Racing Grand Prix in Macau, Li Wanqi joined the Metro Real Estate Fanshide team to return to the stadium. Huang Chuhan, Sun Junlong and Zou Baolong’s master These 3 guys are 1st time attend in Guia and all the drivers are full of expectations for the next race.

Huang Chuhan, who won his first annual TCR championship in the last year, he will have his first Guia experience this weekend. He said in a pre-race interview:

“This is the first time which our team come to Macau to compete. For all the staffs, it is a new experience and a new challenge. We believe that if we do our best in every link and every detail, this trip at Guia will be rewarded. Hopefully, every driver and staff member of our team can complete the race safely and smoothly and enjoy Macau Grand Prix in this year.”

Sun Junlong and Zou Baolong used to be the best partners in the past. Two drivers worked together to win the annual championship of the national endurance event in the 2018 season. They are quite experienced in participating. Before arriving in Macau, Sun Junlong and Zou Baolong had already started training sessions at the Guangdong International Circuit to prepare for this race.

Regarding to his first trip toMacau, Sun Junlong said: “The familiarity with Guia Circuit is mainly achieved through continuous simulator practice, but after arriving here, I found that the circuit is more dangerous than I thought. I will not be afraid of the challenges in here. For many fans and drivers, the Guia Circuit is a holy place. Having this opportunity and experience at the track is definitely an unforgettable experience. I look forward to use it in the next races. With the racing knowledge I have learned steadily played with changes, strived for an ideal result for myself, and strived to leave no regrets during this trip to Macau.”

Zou Baolong believes: “Because I participated less events in this year, I also used the opportunity of pre-match training to adjust my competitive state. When I came to the scene, I walked around the track to familiarize myself with the route. I feel that I will get a deeper understanding of going on the track again after I finish driving. There is no doubt that going to Macau will be a process of challenging and exercising myself. I hope to achieve ideal results and successfully complete the race.

The Macau Guia Race will start two free practice sessions on Friday. At the same time, the editor here wishes everyone from the NewFaster team have a wonderful performance and good results!