Speedline Lube UK sponsored The NewFaster fleet at TCR ShaoXing

October 9, 2017 by Speedline - No Comments

On 7th October, the British SPEEDLINE lubricants official cooperation with TCR china (TCR International Automobile China series) in Zhejiang International Speedway launched the third sub-station first finals day rivalries.

A total of two days round qualifying and two legs. In the first leg of the final, NewFaster SPEEDLINE fully-sponsored fleet two wars will be screened Cheuk Wai and Wong Cho respectively covered gains first runner-up, second runner up and into the court of the first three, Wang Hao the Harvest Group B first runner-up and the second leg of the screened Cheuk Wai Vietnam viet dung, further and successfully won the championship, Wong Cho covers also harvest second runner-up again. The two dominating, Victory is a NewFaster Fleet contribution to the fleet of two championships.

TCR China & TCR Asia continue to race in “double-mix Run” forms. Where TCR China’s first and second leg and TCR Asia mixed runs with a third round in 1 hour endurance race alone. Therefore, the two legs, we can see that the domestic and Asian Region Top 20-bit drivers at the same race course.

At 2 p.m., TCR China first round of battle broke out as scheduled. The second digit from the start of Cheuk Wai also very smooth. The second round, Wong Cho covers on the front of your opponent to complete beyond, recapturing the lost after the starting of the three and getting closer to the front teammates screening Cheuk Wai. Subsequently, two were perfectly with the adoption and successful completion of the exciting game play, not only won the first runner-up and second runner-up, round also go beyond a congregation TCR Asia. In Group B operations Wang Hao also successfully harvest runner-up in the first round.

After the race, Cheuk-wai said: “The status of this trip is quite good and the start of the course on my location of the third because of  TCR Asia racing game together, I choose to hold their own place and location. Thanks my race team mate Wong Cho covers the protection and the assistance, NewFaster thanks also go to all members of the team. This weekend will go to the new circuit Zhejiang International Speedway, the team from the efforts of the game which gave us a very good race car.

In In the 2nd round final, Cheuk Wai perform in a smooth start.

Soon after, Cheuk Wai start forward to two TCR Asia riders to launch an attack. Eventually he succeeded beyond the rock and successfully rise to the second place back in the second round of the championship finals. Wong Cho covering the car after ranking problems once dropped to fifth and return to normal after the game, he began to catch up to the end & took the second runner-up back.

NewFaster Fleet ShaoXing took the Personal Car Championship and two convoys trophy. NewFaster Fleet invariably  invincible will be held on 8th October in the third round with 1 hour endurance race to achieve the greatest victory.