Speedline sponsored the NewFaster Fleet won TCR China Ningbo site double win

November 1, 2017 by Speedline - No Comments

On 28th October, the United Kingdom SPEEDLINE lubricants official cooperation TCR China 4th race of the Ningbo International Circuit with two round end of the strength of the United Kingdom fully-sponsored SPEEDLINE oil Newfaster Fleet continues to rely on two great play, and take this expanded on the standings.

In the first round of the competition, screening Cheuk Wai ECLIPSING easily to the top, Wong Cho covers also brought back a second runner-up; in the second round of screening Cheuk Wai to harvest the domination of victory. In the B group game of Wang Hao also during the first round of the TCR china after first win in the second round brought back a Cup runner-up.

Starting from the practice NewFaster of the whole fleet has been up and down to tune the car made great efforts.

The first round, screening Cheuk Wai smooth out into the first corner, from the start of the fourth name Wong Cho covers also have a very strong offensive in the first ring is connected to the vehicle with two second, NewFaster two-car convoy led the race game start. Wang Hao also seize the opportunity to go beyond the opponent to capture the first Group B.

Then the stabilization of the tide of battle screening Cheuk Wai Road with the firmly with the 14.223 seconds greatly benefits the pole and easy to win.” Wong Cho covered in the final stage of around a third in FALLBACK, Wang Hao also succeeded with B triumph for the Champion Group.

Screening Cheuk Wai of two consecutive wins after the first round of screening Cheuk-wai said: “From the start of the exercise, we are adjusting the car spent a lot of kung fu, opponent strength is so strong that we did not dare to slow idle. The start today is still very smoothly and teammates and your opponent’s struggle to wrap I open up opportunities for under such circumstances I would also compare comfortably led the race to the last. Our team also received this round of fleet champion is very happy, hope that the next game to get better results.

The Ningbo Wong Cho covers new journey of his first visit to the Ningbo International Circuit Wong Cho covers also the second runner-up, he said: “Ningbo this new track i for the first time, here is very challenging, but fortunately my teammates screening Cheuk Wai ran here in his assistance I also made great progress. Are pleased to finally be able to come to this achievement, my teammates have come to champion

Wang Hao breakthrough: the fourth game came to the second round of screening Cheuk Wai since the beginning after the first went straight victory. In his rear Wong Cho covers of the second car failure of regret retirement. Wang Hao is once again in the second round group won the first runner-up, the fourth in the game.

After Wang Hao Testimonials: “This afternoon’s game is very exciting, at the time of the first ring in my elbow, some mistakes, but then I soon in there and catch up step by your opponent.