Millet Racing and SPEEDLINE become CKC strategic partners to enter into real-time Karting

July 6, 2017 by Speedline - No Comments

On 30th June 2017, SPEEDLINE lubricants strategic cooperation with CKC 2017 China Karting Championship solemnly held an annual press conference in Zhuzhou. 2017 CKC China Karting Championship will officiate on 12th November in Zhuzhou Automobile Expo Park Karting stadium. Millet Racing and SPEEDLINE lube become the strategic cooperation partnership.

In the CKC finals has launched a ceremony of the scene, the event organizing committee and the Millet Group carried out a grand signing ceremony. Millet mutual entertainment Deputy GM Ms. Lin Meng on behalf of the millet racing and CKC signed cooperation including to form a Millet racing team etc……… participate in the CKC. All these will be able to be more direct & has deeper experience of the charm for the professional racing.

                         Millet mutual entertainment Deputy GM Ms. Lin Meng                  

CKC China Kart Championship designated an official British brand oil Speedline in order to allow more users to experience more about the professional racing culture. Speedline is fully support CKC China Karting Championship in 2017.

This karting yard is the largest international karting yard in Hunan. This tracking is about 1.1km long & there are 13 difficult turning and this is the only E3 bed in the southern district in the future.

                                                       The track figure