SPEEDLINE officially cooperation with the TCR successfully completed NewFaster Zhejiang Shaoxing Ho won the triple crown

October 12, 2017 by Speedline - No Comments

On 8th October, 2017 Seasonal British lube SPEDDLINE official cooperation with China International Auto China(TCR series) Shaoxing station 3rd round 1hr endurance race in Zhejiang International Speedway SPEDDLINE ended. The NewFaster fleet Wong Cho covers with the winning during the second half of the game and reversed beyond the stage of the presentation of the highest position. In this weekend 3rd round will harvest the team championships in the NewFaster fleet also thus harvest the best team site Award.

The United Kingdom under the auspices of SPEDDLINE lubricant to the NewFaster Fleet Wong Cho covers and screening Cheuk Wai are single combat vehicle group, one hour endurance race is tremendous tests. According to the rules, screening Cheuk Wai and Wong Cho covers on each of the second and the third started. The red light goes out and the two newfaster fleet car chase behind the opponent and turn in a few months after the screening Cheuk Wai over leading competitors.

However competition in the ensuing variables, a Audi car at No. 1 angle have brake problem, after losing control of the car hit the wall of tipping over, the trophy carried out the safety car. NewFaster Fleet instant recall both the site and the General Assembly more force. The decisive policy newfaster and Wong Cho covers and screening Cheuk Wai On the site at the forefront of the riders get greatly benefits.

The subsequent scored game fluctuations were not alarming, Wong Cho covers with the advantages of 20 seconds first hedge, screening Cheuk Wai when fighting around the opponent hit with the fourth name ends. This means that NewFaster Fleet not only get a third round of Car Championship and also won the Team Championship. This weekend, TCR first login, NewFaster Shaoxing fleet screening Cheuk Wai harvest the second round winner, covering Wong Cho won the third round of the championship for the third consecutive round fleet unplug a head-to-site best Fleet Award of the arms.

After the match, Cheuk Wai represents himself is not the first time run this track in Shaoxing, but this TCR race to be able to harvest many ideas. In addition to SPEDDLINE lubricants with the british official cooperation TCR international series with a Masters tournament, can also learn a lot of valuable experience. In the Zhejiang Shaoxing after the game, NewFaster Fleet will conduct simple REST and then at the end of October to the same is completed new Ningbo International Speedway, expand this season TCR china China Series fourth site competition.