Xtreme Sport 0W-20

【Product Description】
It is a full synthetic engine oil with extremely low temperature flow properties formulated with fully synthetic base oil and advanced special ingredient additives. The excellent anti-oxidation performance and clean performance of the oil products can effectively reduce the fuel consumption of the engine, and the superior flow performance ensures the excellent cold start performance.  Effectively reduce emissions, corresponding to the current new car models, suitable for hybrid cars.
* Special additives developed for low temperature provide excellent anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties.
* Good cleaning and dispersing performance, can effectively clean the inside of the engine, prevent the generation of sludge and carbon deposits, make the engine long lasting and new.
* Superb fluidity accelerates the response quickly, reduces engine resistance, and can effectively reduce engine fuel consumption.
 * Suitable for cars with “start and stop system”.
* This oil is also very suitable for mixed oil and other Eco versions produced by various OEMs on the market.
* Due to its special composition, this product is well suited for low temperature areas.
4 lit: 5060516020652


Speedline®  Xtreme Sport 0W-20 meets the requirements of:



GM Dexos 1

Chrysler MS 6395

Ford WSS- M2C-947A