【Product description】
It is a motor oil composed of a high-grade base oil (PAO) and a special additive (ESTER), specially designed for the highest-grade of motors, sports cars and racing cars. The oil has proven its quality under the most extreme conditions especially in the races. The distinctive flagship passionate version uses in unique multi-parameter polymerization technology and a new technological formula; it has excellent applications in naturally aspirated engines, turbo engines, sports cars, endurance racing cars, and high-end cars, and is extremely competitive.
The use of super heat-resistant special friction modifier can keep the oil quality stable at high temperature and rarely evaporate, so that the car engine can achieve the best anti-wear protection in any environment.  Ensuring a cleaner combustion of the fuel will protect the oil and engine parts from sludge and deposits. To ensure fast and stable lubrication, it has extremely high thermal stability under heavy load conditions in a wide temperature range.
* Using a unique new technology formula, it is extremely explosive at high, medium and low speeds, and the power output is obvious.
* Super heat-resistant special friction modifier improves oil film strength, provides excellent anti-wear protection for the engine, and has excellent thermal stability.
* It can keep the oil quality stable at high temperature; it can provide special protection for the engine under high temperature, high pressure and high load such as super racing etc….
* It has excellent quiet dispersibility, can reduce the formation of carbon deposits and sludge and other deposits, and keep the inside of the engine clean.
1 Lit: 5060516020379


  • VW 500.00 / VW 505.00
  • Fiat 9.55535-H3
  • ACEA C3 / B4-08
  • MB 229.1