Profession Vantage 5W-30

Speedline professional Vantage 5W-30 is universal, synthetic fuel economy motor oil developed

according the most recent technology and based on specially selected full synthetic base oils with a

high natural viscosity index. With the addition of a well-balanced choice of advanced additives the

following properties are obtained:


–   a lower fuel consumption

–   a high and very stable viscosity index

–   a high resistance against shearing

–   a fast cold start

–   a safe lubrication film at very high temperatures

–   reduced formation of combustion ashes

–   a very good detergency and dispersion

–   a very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming


Speedline professional Vantage 5W-30 this universal, fuel saving synthetic motor oil is suitable for

use in petrol and diesel engines, with or without turbo-charging. Moreover this lubricant is also very

suitable for passenger car diesel engines with pump-injector-unit. This product meets the requirements

of several OEM's and thus has a wide application.





MB-Approval 229.51/229.52

Approved under VW 505.00/505.01

GM Dexos 2

BMW Longlife-04