NewFaster Speedline helped the team won China’s highest standard endurance race CEC 2018

June 18, 2018 by Speedline - No Comments

On 10th June, the CEC CHINA MOTOR ENDURANCE Championship opener in Shanghai International Autodrome, NewFaster successfully concluded by the Guangdong team championship for the first time the team in the final phase of the CEC performance gains in perfect 2.0T open group competitor, the same top performance. While the victory also means Guangdong race fleet in the endurance of the new BATTLEFIELD, successfully made themselves powerful . As a newfaster speedline fleet specified oil and ensure that the car engine in the endurance limit has been maintained under driving the most perfect protection.

As with the participation of 12-hour endurance race and won the champion of the overall NewFaster, the team is very clear up and down the endurance race is the teamwork. After the game as No. 81 driving RS3 LMS Audi car screening Cheuk-wai said: The winner is not merely the victory of the team is the best return on their tireless efforts. The “Andy of the car is very smooth, I stick after driving and stability of the car to the end, was pleased to win the victory was very grateful for the entire fleet of Guangdong championship team members in this weekend’s efforts that we respect the motor sport and work conscientiously, convoys to get so perfectly. At the same time to thank all the sponsors, especially Ding l Group has always been on our support. Wong Cho” covers adds.

Recalling in 4 hours respectively from the group head bit and the third on the screening Zhou Wei and Wang Hao will firmly grasp of the situation on the ground, two Audi RS 3 LMS racing one lead after stability, screening Cheuk Wai forward even higher groups of GT car launched offensives. In the 4 hours race, Guangdong race car fleet two support group to select a number for each successive cars driving two stint policy, this is also a certain degree of assurance that the car lap coherence and stability.

After half been passed, Wong Cho covers the selection from the Zhou Wei and Wang Hao from the car, both expand the benefits that will firmly car with a flag of the grid.

No 21 car old partner Wang Hao car group also on this site competition have excellent performance, Wang Hao although encountered during driving the car the instrument panel fault, can only rely on the presence of the vehicle to uphold. Wang Hao on leaving the car driving after two hours. The score on the physical aspects of consumption or large, instrument panel after the expiration of the speed of the car and the profile information will not be displayed, the point was also drizzle, driving on relatively cautious. Steady Pace, I finish will be handed over to the car and finally able to get his teammates this meeting very happy.

On the 21-23 Sep CEC may move to the Ningbo international circuit to the next race of the competition, looks forward to Guangdong for convoys to redouble their efforts to bring us a good performance and accomplishments, Speedline continue to intelligently to drive and protect the engine.