Found the organization – Ducati D.O.C Guangdong Alliance was formally established

June 3, 2019 by Speedline - No Comments

December 15th, 2018, may be the most common day for others, but it is a very important day for Ducati Guangdong car owners. On this day, Ducati D.O.C. Guangdong Union was officially authorized by the Italian authorities.

At 12 noon on the same day, the Hilton Fuzhou Resort in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province ushered in the opening of the event. There were hundreds of Ducati “heavy machines” at the event, and the scene was very lively.

Ducati is a high-end motorcycle brand from Italy. Its products are sold in more than 90 countries around the world. With its wild performance and unconventional design, it has always been known as the “Ferrari in the motorcycle”. SPEEDLINE engine oil has always been invested in major events at home and abroad. “Speed ​​and passion” and high performance are synonymous with SPEEDLINE. They share the same philosophy with Ducati owners who came to participate in this event. As one of the sponsors of this event, SPEEDLINE also brought benefits to the majority of car owners. A total of 5 boxes of SPEEDLINE oil will be sent to 30 lucky riders through live lottery. At the same time as the promotion effect for the brand, SPEEDLINE also hopes that its oil products will provide more power for the car owners to protect their cars.

NEWFASTER is the team of the domestic racing industry. Its manager Huang Chuhan said: “Our team often participates in many motor sports in China, but it involves less motorcycles. I am also a Ducati owner. This event is also carried out by the owners. Self-organized, it also has deep meaning for the individual. As a sponsor of our team, SPEEDLINE can bring great support to this activity is a very meaningful thing.”

This event has laid a good foundation for the development of motorcycle sports culture in Guangdong, carried forward the spirit of motorcycle sports, and realized the dream of every knight and motorcycle enthusiast, and experienced the speed and passion of Ducati!