Congratulations! The Chinese team sponsored by SPEEDLINE UK won the runner-up in the pre-match qualification of the 24-hour endurance race in Neubring, Germany!

May 31, 2019 by Speedline - No Comments

In May, the Chinese team sponsored by SPEEDLINE UK teamed up with the German team WS Racing to complete the 6-hour endurance race with the Audi R8 LMS GT4. The team consisting of four drivers, He Xiaole, Zhai Zhuowei, Wang Risheng and Li Wei, was awarded the full team. Field runner-up performance! The 6-hours endurance race was mainly prepared for the 24-hour endurance race in Neubring, Germany. The team runner-up also gave the team a valuable ticket for the 24-hour endurance race in June.

Driver’s testimony

From left to right: He Xiaole, Wang Risheng, Yan Zhuowei, Li Fei

Wang Risheng: Joining the new teammates this time is also a new learning opportunity for me. After all, Li Fei is also a model for winning the 24-hour championship in this place. His experience and game mentality will definitely give me inspiration. Although the practice and qualifying are raining and different road conditions appear, each driver can keep the car in good condition and give it to his teammates, so that everyone has enough time to drive the car. During the game, the weather became beautiful and the road conditions became dry and safe. We also successfully completed the competition and won the second group. The tire test has a further understanding, and I hope that the best tire formula can be matched in the 24-hour race.

Zhai Zhuowei: This game is titled the 24-hour Qualification Race. But for us, it is an integration experience and a pre-match with the team before the 24-hour race. I fully agree with Sunny (Wang Risheng), especially the two drivers of the team, He Xiaole and Li Fei, have participated in the Nurburgring 24-hour competition and can share their experiences with our two newcomers. And WS Racing is of course a very professional team in Germany, which gives us a lot of confidence in the preparation and adjustment of the car. As for our sponsor Giti Tire, we are quite active in preparing for the event and have provided us with different Compound tests. At this stage, we have obtained practical information from the two VLN competitions this year, which helps us to adjust the different weather temperatures (especially the weather changes in Nurburgring) and the adjustment of the car.

He Xiaole: First of all, the name of this competition is the 2019 Newberg Green 24 Hours Qualification Tournament. The schedule is six hours. As a qualifier before the 24-hour race, the composition of the track is different from the VLN event, which is exactly the same as the 24-hour race, so it is especially important for us to participate in this weekend’s competition. An important news this weekend was the addition of our new teammate Li Fei, who also finalized our four-hour driver mix for the 24-hour race. For me, the traditional track in China used to use the excellent performance of the Jiatong tires. As for the first time in the lap of more than 25 kilometers, Greenberg is the first time, the tire formula, adjustment The choice became the only task of the weekend. Because it is a 24-hour pre-preparation event, the competition also set up an evening qualifying session to let everyone feel the night driving environment, although Saturday’s practice and qualifying encounters some bad rain and heavy rain. However, the game on Sunday was relatively smooth. The WS Racing team was very happy to finish the second place in qualifying and the second place in the competition, so this is for our all-China team. It is also a game of great confidence. After the game, we had a long-term meeting with the engineers of the Jiatong tires and the engineers of the team, and determined the tire usage strategy and vehicle tuning plan for the 24-hour race after 5 weeks. I look forward to returning to this challenging track to complete our mission.



Let us wish the team drivers to make great achievements and triumphantly return in the 24-hour endurance race in Neubring, Germany in June.