Congratulations on the NewFaster sponsored SPEEDLINE fleet screening Cheuk Wai, Win 2017 TCR China annual drivers and fleet champion

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On December 31, 2017 UK Official cooperation in the SPEEDLINE TCR Automotive China Series Racing TCR (China) annual award ceremony was officiated at the Guangdong International racing car market. The five points throughout the 15 rounds of competition, one by one, the NewFaster vehicle Zhen Zhou Wei and Team of Wong Chu meanings, Seagate cares vehicle team came home, respectively in Group A of the annual vehicle hand crown and quarter army, newfaster Vehicle Team Wang Hao and AVM vehicle team Joo-ho man/Qi Chun Man taken away from group B annual vehicle hand crown up.

NewFaster vehicle team to obtain the total annual vehicle team champion.

The selection of  NewFaster Fleet Cheuk Wai (second from right) and teammates Wong Cho covers (second from left), Jie Kai fleet license Ka Tai (right) at a group annual car

Top Asia officiating guests: Shanghai Second Runner-up of the car culture shing co., VP TCR china Race Director Wong Wei (left)

Wang Hao NewFaster Fleet, and AVM fleet/Qi Ju-ho Pui-man (fleet) representative claimed B Group annual car competitor

Officiating guests: Michelin (China) Investment Company Limited Asia Pacific Racing Operations Director (left)

The team win NewFaster annual fleet Champions

Awards host: Michelin (China) Investment Company Limited Asia Pacific Racing Operations Director.

On 28-30 December, NewFaster Fleet screening Zhou Wei and Wang Jie Kai fleet bobby, divided up the last three rounds of the TCR china the first season also announced the successful conclusion.

This season TCR china The NewFaster fleet, Jie Kai fleet, 109 racing fleets, Magic racing fleet Track linkracing fleet, AVM fleet and elegant racing, etc. 7 support best team in more than a total of 30 high standard riders in the market, and the world will, 2017 jean-karl TCR international annual win vernay is also involved in a number of these races.

The third site, Jean-Karl Shaoxing Station vernay to license Ka Tai become the highest points when site car to win a MICHELIN WINNER OF THE RACE WEEKEND awards.

The entire season there are five championship twice landing site, Shanghai International Circuit (two portfolio includes F1 standard track), followed by the Zhejiang International Speedway, Ningbo International Speedway and Guangdong International Speedway. In Shanghai International Circuit and Guangdong International Speedway fleet and are familiar with the drivers to track that can unleash and Zhejiang International Speedway and Ningbo International Speedway, completed this year is the only new track in all the teams and drivers do not have any data of game, this is the time to test the strength.

NewFaster Fleet, Jie Kai fleet in two force strength from a well-matched rival for the quarter will continue to stress to the tail site. In the end, newfaster fleet screening Cheuk Wai and teammates Wong Cho covers, Jie Kai fleet license Ka Tai took the respective annual car Group A second runner-up, newfaster topasia fleet Wang Hao and AVM fleet/Qi Ju-ho Pui man claimed annual competitor in Group B.

British SPEEDLINE under the auspices of their NewFaster team won the championship of the annual fleet.

The 4th site Ningbo site, screening Cheuk Wai (second from left) to perfect performance for all round Championship. Figure to the second round after a group award, LEO109 racing Tang guarantee (left), Jie Kai fleet license Ka Tai (right) took the second runner-up A Group.

Officiating guests: China car and motorcycle Sports Federation Deputy Chairman Mr Lam Kit.

TCR international series freedom since its inception in 2014, in less than two years for the rapid development of many international and domestic fleet and drivers.

TCR China annual Car Championship screening Cheuk Wai in the interview given to the TCR china high evaluation of the TCR: China is a good race platform, here are very fair competition environment, there are many outstanding, I very much enjoy the race was also very happy to be able to obtain the champion for the year. The TCR China just started, there is great growth potential and we are willing and TCR China to progress and look forward to the new year.

The British SPEEDLINE future hand in hand TCR China will further improve itself as the largest fleet and all participants to provide better car racing service. At the same time next year and hope that more high standard fleet and joined the race and enjoy the unique charm of TCR and create more exciting!