British SPEEDLINE helped NewFaster win the championship in Guia’s debut

November 24, 2020 by Speedline - No Comments

On 22nd Nov, the 67th Macau Grand Prix came to an end. The British SPEEDLINE helped the NewFaster team to leave the haze of yesterday far behind and win the gold and silver trophy in the blockbuster matchup against the Macau Guia Race.

Huang Chuhan, Zou Baolong, Li Wanqi and Sun Junlong all successfully dashed through the waving checkered flag in the last race of this weekend. Among them, Huang Chuhan and Zou Baolong, who started from the back, had an eye-catching performance against the world and won the championship in the TCR China competition.

Today’s race is chaotic and cruel for all the racers. From the first lap of the Lisboa turn, collisions have been flooding the field. Huang Chuhan and his teammates, who represented the team of Xincheng Real Estate·Fanshide, broke through all the way and passed the danger many times. At the end, Huang Chuhan, Zou Baolong, and Li Wanqi all completed more than ten rankings and finished the event with eighth, twelveth and fourteenth places. Similarly, Sun Junlong could have refreshed the best results of the weekend, but unfortunately missed the opportunity due to the penalty.

Zou Baolong was surprised when he took the stage to win the prize after the game: “Today’s game was very thrilling. There were a lot of collisions along the way. After the game, I was quite surprised to find out my ranking. The facts once again proved that I was in Macau. The key to Guia’s competition is to ensure that you stay on the track and ensure the integrity and safety of the car. Only in this way can you have a chance to have the last laugh. This is a very unforgettable experience. I hope I can continue to improve myself and participate in more competitions in the future. .”

The team leader Huang Chuhan lead the team to a difficult fight. He said when reviewing the performance of the race: “This is a very difficult weekend. We have been encountering problems since the practice session, solving problems, and still have work until early this morning The personnel are constantly busy repairing the car. But in any case, being able to come to Guia is the first step for us to realize NewFaster’s dream. In the end, we can get this result and we have not let down the efforts of all the team members.”

On the other hand, Huang Chuhan also spoke highly of the performance of several drivers: “Brother Qi is responsible for the experience of our team, mentality and qualifications are above us, except for accidents, he is the most stable driver. Zou Baolong’s performance is indeed exceeded of my expectations. Whether it was the mentality of participating in the competition or the protection of the vehicle, he did a great job. He was able to keep himself in the race and seize the opportunity to improve his ranking. He played very well. And Sun Junlong seemed to give himself too much A lot of pressure, even though he encountered a lot of difficulties, he did not retreat. He has been working hard for better results. He still has a lot of room for improvement. This competition is also extremely precious to him.”

The race has came to an end, and the NewFaster team regrouped in a desperate situation, and survived the desperate situation. With the hard-won honor, we will see you in the next game and we will have a wonderful review!