British car with British top quality engine oil – SPEEDLINE and Land Rover meet unexpectedly

June 3, 2019 by Speedline - No Comments

On April 19-21, 2019, the 8th China Land Rover Defender Che Youhui (Wu Shihui) opening ceremony at Tianfang Yuetan Hot Spring Resort in Qingliu County, Sanming City, Fujian Province. The Land Rover Defender was established in 1948, although it has been discontinued but it is still active in the cross-country world. In the face of most special roads, Land Rover can cope with the poorly road passing rate makes the Land Rover Defenders like a mobile fortress. In this event, owners bring their families to experience the fun of an off-road driving experiences.

SPEEDLINE is a high-quality automotive lubricants brand from the UK. It is a combination of engine care experts and Land Rover guards from the UK as well. SPEEDLINE has been working on the production of automotive lubricants. A total of 36 Land Rover guards came to the participate to this event. SPEEDLINE also provided 36 tanks of oil for the Land Rover riders to draw the prizes. A total of 18 people were rewarded. As a heavy weight off-road vehicle, Land Rover Defenders need 6-7L of oil per change. Therefore, SPEEDLINE intimately offered two cans of the highest grade of XTREME R series 540 engine oil to each winner as a lucky prize.

XTREME R 540 is a fully synthetic motor oil uses full ester PAO as the base oil, and also has special additives (ESTER), super heat-resistant special friction modifier. The Land Rover Defenders on site are mostly diesel engines, and the XTREME R 540 is also compatible with diesel vehicles. It can make the engine faster and smoother at the start. The owners in the site also have SPEEDLINE’s old users. According to them, their Land Rover guards used SPEEDLINE oil, and the response to the complex road segment engine in the off-road was more sensitive, the low twist was more sufficient, and the engine protection. It is very trustful in the oil prrformance, which makes the owners who have used SPEEDLINE admire the effect.


As a very caring model, Land Rover Defender is rare in China. The China Land Rover Defender Che Youhui is able to united the car owners together from anywherein China which is not easy to do so.