About Us

SPEEDLINE is a British high-quality automotive lubricant. In order to cater to the accelerated development of the market, the headquarters in Surrey has been relocated to Birmingham, the UK’s industrial center in 2019.  SPEEDLINE has been committed to the production of automotive lubricants.

With the continuous development of the company’s business and the process of globalization, SPEEDLINE has begun to become a world-renowned automotive lubricant brand.  Lubricating oil products include heavy-duty vehicle oil,  engine oil, racing oil, transmission oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, special grease and engine coolant (antifreeze), etc. Sell ​​well all over the world such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe and other markets.

SPEEDLINE has an independent R & D center and self-developed production process.  SPEEDLINE R & D center is using (Fluid Dynamics & Mechanical Engineering) fluid dynamics combined with mechanics.

First, the particle characteristics of the base oil and various additives are accurately calculated, and then passed the most rigorous —- (temperature control, pressure control,  Flow rate control, fluid direction control, chemical characteristics), the base oil and additives are polymerized.

Although it adds unique machinery and production time, it allows the additives and base oil to be perfectly polymerized, and the viscosity, lubricity, cleanliness, and durability can be perfectly played when using lubricants.  Not only can the product achieve high-quality, high-homogeneous liquid,  also achieve high-performance chemical and physical lubricants.  It can make SPEEDLINE oil gradually accumulate a large amount of characteristic data and become our most valuable formula and unique production process.

This is SPEEDLINE’s exclusive “Multi-Parametric Blending Technique” technology, the use of high-tech multi-parameter polymerization technology can make the engine oil get 100% full play.  In addition, the products have been certified by API American Petroleum Association, Japan JASO, Indonesia National SNI and other major institutions; the quality is more in line with SAE American Automotive Engineers Association, ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association standard requirements.

SPEEDLINE initially focused on research and development of industrial machinery and heavy-duty motor oil. In order to cooperate with major car manufacturers and conduct rigorous live testing in many countries around the world, it is committed to developing higher-quality motor oil and entering the high-performance motor oil market.  It has a wide range of oil products and complete models, and provides the best solution for civilian use according to different models and regions.  Whether it is urban, off-road, or race track, it can help your car perform perfectly.

In 2010,  SPEEDLINE began to enter the Asia-Pacific market. Among them, Hong Kong was used as the headquarters of the Asia-Pacific region.  In just a few years, in addition to continuously improving our technology, we have also developed more high-performance motor oils by collecting more valuable data in major events and street live tests.  With its superior quality, we have developed rapidly in the Asian region, and our products have gained good reputation and recognition from all parties.

SPEEDLINE often contributes to global attention events such as the British Touring Car Championship BTCC, the German Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance Race, and the Belgium TCR SPA 500 Endurance Race.  At the same time, SPEEDLINE lubricants have won the trust of teams and drivers in such events as TCR China, China Racing Grand Prix, CEC Super Endurance Championship, China SEC Super Endurance Championship, CKC China Karting, FIA F4 China Championship, Pan-Pearl River Delta Super Racing Festival and other events.  It is also the official designated oil for major competitions, and has won unanimous praise from car enthusiasts in the racing culture world.

SPEEDLINE business philosophy: Bring the black technology high-quality motor oil on the track to the world’s automotive civilian market.