From the high quality lubricants on the track, the British SPEEDLINE officially entered the Chinese mainland market!

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On 15th Nov, the British SPEEDLINE carried up with the North China distributor HE Auto to appear at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 2019 CAS Exhibition, announced the official entry into the Chinese mainland market, and will bring to the automotive consumers in mainland China in the future.  High quality lubricants on the track level!

Woo Hon Sum, President of SPEEDLINE Asia Pacific, Wong Yow seng, Technical Director of SPEEDLINE, He Xiaole, Founder of HE Auto, and friends of the live media attended the brand launch ceremony held in the same day.

Woo Hon Sum, President, SPEEDLINE Asia Pacific

SPEEDLINE Technical Director Wong Yow Seng

He Xiaoyi, the founder of HE Auto, famous driver

At the press conference, Woo Hon Sum, President of SPEEDLINE Asia Pacific, announced that Beijing HE Auto has become the general agent of SPEEDLINE North China; OE Europarts Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malaysia TMD Group, Malaysia. Become the general agent of SPEEDLINE Malaysia.

Woo Hon Sum, President of SPEEDLINE Asia Pacific, and He Xiaole and Hu Siliang, founders of HE Auto, North China

Woo Hon Sum, President of SPEEDLINE Asia Pacific, and OE Europarts Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s TMD Group subsidiary Malaysia, founder Lee Heng Hwah and Wong Yow Seng

        [All-round high quality maintenance experts]
SPEEDLINE is a high quality automotive lubricants brand from the UK with an independent research and development centre based in Surrey, UK.  Since its inception, SPEEDLINE has been manufacturing automotive lubricants for heavy duty vehicle oils, automotive engine oils, racing oils, transmission oils, gear oils, hydraulic oil specialty greases, high performance lubricants, automatic and manual transmission fluids.  , engine coolant (antifreeze), etc., the products sell well all over the world, and currently have a good reputation in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe and other markets.
SPEEDLINE full range of lubricant products have passed the US API, European ACEA, Japan JASO certification, reaching the engine oil standards of mainstream automobile brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, etc. Some high-end models meet the engine manufacturer’s engine oil standards.  .
SPEEDLINE products officially entering the Chinese market include Xtreme R, Xtreme EURO, Xtreme Power and Xtreme Sport.  In addition, SPEEDLINE transmission oil, motorcycle lubricants, coolant, brake oil and other products will also come to consumers.
In the future, the new SPEEDLINE product lines will also include the new upgraded endurance UHPD, Competition TRUCK, Professional VANTAGE, Professional PROTECT, Professional ULTRA ECO, Professional ECONO, Professional VALIANT, Professional BEYOND and other new automotive lubricants to meet Chinese consumers.  Demand.
                                                                                                                                                            Ultimate quality, track casting
As a high-quality lubricant, SPEEDLINE oil deeply recognizes the value of participating in motor sports. It has always regarded the professional arena as a stage to prove the strength of the product, and actively put the experience on the field into product development. British SPEEDLINE has served as the official partner of TCR China, SEC Super Endurance Championship, CKC China Karting Championship and designated oil, and is the designated oil for many professional teams. SPEEDLINE also actively sponsors drivers to participate in major domestic and international events, including the BTCC British Touring Car Championship, the Macau Grand Prix, and the Malaysian TCSA Asian Touring Car Championship.
At this year, SPEEDLINE sponsored the All-China Drivers’ Group to participate in the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race and won the runner-up in the group, creating a history of Chinese racing cars!  In October, SPEEDLINE continued to sponsor Chinese drivers to participate in the first TCR SPA 500 Endurance Race, actively helping Chinese drivers to enter the international arena!
SPEEDLINE sponsors Chinese drivers to participate in the 2019 Nürburgring 24 Hours
                              SPEEDLINE sponsors Chinese drivers to participate in the first TCR SPA 500 Endurance Race
British SPEEDLINE will apply the valuable experience of motorsports around the world to the development of civilian products, bringing cost-effective track-class engine oil to civilian car consumers. The success of domestic and international competitions and the recognition of global consumers is the best proof of the quality of SPEEDLINE products
SPEEDLINE from the track brings racing technology to the consumer, so that ordinary people can also experience the ultimate performance experience of the racing class, opening up a new market segment for Chinese automotive lubricants.  British SPEEDLINE lubricants will become a new choice for Chinese consumers’ cost-effective quality lubricants!