2017/04/30 SEC Guangdong International Speedway 4 hrs Endurance Race

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2017/04/30 SEC Guangdong International Speedway 4 hour Endurance Race

Official partner conference specified brand SPEEDLINE engine oil

Shaanxi Tian Shi fleet beat, SEC toward a new generation!

On 30 April, 2017 SEC Championship Game Super Endurance Guangdong area 4 hrs endurance race in Guangdong International Speedway finally completed. Shaanxi Tian Shi fleet 99 Car Group TCR race car in 4 hour race completed 147 laps and win the full Court Champions Cup and TCR group champions, the team also won the award for the best team.

TCR car shown strong

This game led by the safety car scroll on the form. At 1 pm, the game in an official start of the 30 cars security and under the guidance of the PRESS sequence

Fierce competition and unimpeded access to the race

After few years of accumulation, SEC Guangdong zone fleet technical has become strength and standards increase significantly. The frequency of accidents, error control has reached in low numbers.

Shaanxi Tian Shi fleet is the “BEST”

We will wait & see how SEC Super Endurance Championship develop & become charm in the near future


TCR Group head three:No.99、No.20、No.9

Super Group head three:No.25、No.13、No.19

Unlimited Group head two:No.77、No.10

2.0 Group head three:No.58、No.22、No.18

1.6 Group head three:No.66、No.55、No.48

Media Group Championship:No.17

Speedline best lap: No.77