UK brand SPEEDLINE Lubricants sponsored NewFaster Team first to win over TCR China 2 rounds championship

August 17, 2017 by Speedline - No Comments

On 5th August 2017 SPEEDLINE Lubricant official cooperation TCRChina (TCR International Car China Series) in the Shanghai International Circuit completed the first round and the second round of the final match. SPEEDLINE Lubricants fully sponsor this year’s newly established NewFaster team in the opener in the success of the success, Huang Chuhan in the first round won the TCR China history crown, Yan Zhuowei third, Wang Hao sixth; second round, Yan Zhuo Wei Gains the championship, Huang Chuhan get fourth

The 1st round: Huang Chuhan won the crown

At 8:35 am, the 1st round finals officially began. According to qualifying results, NewFaster team three drivers Huang Chuhan, Wang Hao and Yan Zhuowei were ranked second, fifth and tenth starting. The first lap of the game, Huang Chuhan successfully hold the position, and began to attack the first. In the qualifying session because of the chassis failure failed to make good results Yan Zhuo Wei, in this circle is the success of the anti-attack, in one fell swoop rose to the audience fourth. Taking advantage of Huang Chuhan and opponents in the fierce confrontation, Yan Zhuowei quickly shorten the distance and successfully joined the first battle group, after some grips, Zhen Zhuo Wei to a third to third. Followed by Yan Zhuo Wei and Huang Chuhan with a tacit understanding, Huang Chuhan and Zhen Zhuowei both beyond the audience before the two, and eventually brought back the championship and third, Wang Hao back to the sixth

According to the 1st round won, Huang Chuhan concealed excitement: “Although there was a lot of teams, but we were well prepared. At the same time, I am also very pleased to Yan Zhuowei, Lin Li Feng and Wang Hao are excellent drivers to become teammates to win should be attributed to everyone’s efforts, of course, this is our lucky

The 2nd round: Yan Zhuo Wei has achieving his aspirations

According to the 2nd section qualifying results, Huang Chuhan and Yan Zhuowei were the first and second start respectively. As a result of a sudden rainfall, there are some places on the track there are some water, NewFaster team chose to use the rain to play. 15:10, the game began, Huang Chuhan and Yan Zhuowei have successfully completed the start and hold the leading position, and later Huang Chuhan lost a ranking because of a mistake, Yan Zhuo Wei rose to the first, Huang Chuhan in the near future after the second

As the ground was getting dry than expected, the rain tire grip is getting weaker. In order to protect the tires, the two drivers have chosen a more secure run. But with the advance of the game, the rear drivers began to step by step, Huang Chuhan doing my part to take on the task of protecting his teammates, and the rear racing carried out fierce offensive and defensive, and continued until the last lap. Although in the last bend, Huang Chuhan did not hold the position, and the podium pass by, but his teammate Yan Zhuowei has gained an absolute advantage, successfully won the championship. NewFaster team successfully won the TCR China two rounds of the championship, completed in the stadium on the amazing first show

In the press interview after the race completed, Yan Zhuowei expressed his gratitude to the team: “First of all, thanks to the NewFaster team provided a good car for me.In the afternoon under a heavy rain, the track has water, and later the team decided to use the rain tires. As the last row of the drainage system is very good, two or three laps after the track has been dry, so we have to protect the side of the tire and opponents attack and defense throughout the process I am more fortunate to run in front, but my teammates in the back into the This is a very high level of competition, everyone’s level is very close, hope that the third round of tomorrow can run out of such a high standard. At the same time very grateful to the UK SPEEDLINE lubricants to sponsor our NewFaster team ”

On 6th August 2017, TCR China will usher in the third round (one hour endurance race) race, NewFaster team will be the third weekend trophy launched a shock, so stay tuned