SPEEDLINE UK invites to participate in the 9th CAS CHINA Auto Salon Shanghai

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On the 15-17th 2019 in China (Shanghai) International Automobile Upgrade and Accessories Exhibition and China (Shanghai) CAS Modified Auto Show – 2019 the 9th Swiss CAS Modified Auto Show, referred to as CAS, will be held at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Known as the first exhibition of China’s modification, CAS is undoubtedly a feast in China’s refitting enthusiasts. CAS was founded in 2011 and has been successfully held for eight times. It has been professionalized and internationalized. After several years of honing.  Strongly help the development of China’s conversion industry.

In 2019, the exhibition area was fully upgraded. In addition to the existing modified exhibition area and the new energy vehicle supporting exhibition area, the additional sports exhibition area and the international heavy-duty locomotive and equipment exhibition area will be integrated and integrated to lead the personalized lifestyle of China. 2019 Swiss CAS modified auto show once again combined with Xmeeting activities of Aika, to build the second China Auto Culture Hui Nianhua, content upgrade strength and great contribution, online and offline jointly held the 2nd China Auto Culture Hui Nianhua, and reached its peak.

Exhibition Information Time: 15-17th November, 2019 Venue:National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Address: 333, Zhangze Avenue, Shanghai.SPEEDLINE UK Exhibition Location: 2G09
Exhibition Information
Looking back at the 2018CAS modified car show
SPEEDLINE is a UK high quality automotive lubricant based in Surrey, UK.  Since its establishment, SPEEDLINE has been committed to the production of automotive lubricants. With the continuous development of the company’s business and the globalization process, SPEEDLINE has become a globally renowned brand of automotive lubricants.  Lubricants include heavy duty vehicle oils, automotive engine oils, racing oils, transmission oils, gear oils, hydraulic oil specialty greases, high performance lubricants, automatic and manual transmission fluids, engine coolants (antifreeze) and more.
SPEEDLINE UK welcomes all of you to come and guide the work. We are in the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. We sincerely invite all the like-minded comrades to develop the automotive aftermarket. China’s automobile aftermarket development is still in the blue ocean stage, and the market potential is huge.  The future is still to mature and evolve, and the scale of the industry will continue to increase.
SPEEDLINE UK sincerely invites business agent
Please contact China office:WELL ASIA (ZHUHAI) COMPAMY LIMITED
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