Speedline DSG is a fully synthetic oil for a transmission with a double clutch. This double clutch transmission, DSG in short, has been developed in motor racing. The principle of the DSG is based on the presence of two clutches, one for the even and one for the odd gears. This transmission has been further developed for use in personal cars produced by the VAG, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo and the PSA group.

Because the transmission does not shift between gears but between clutches, a special oil. Combining the extreme pressure capabilities of a manual transmission oil with the friction properties of an ATF, needs to be applied.  Speedline DSG is composed in such a way that the oil does not lose its quality when subjected to even the most extreme circumstances, ranging from a cold start in winter to high RPM in the summer.

1 Lit: 5060516020584


ATF DSG meets the requirements of:

  • Chrysler 68044345EA
  • Ferrari TF DCT-F3
  • FFL-2, FFL-3, FFL-4
  • Fiat 9.55550-MZ-6
  • Ford WSS-M2C936-A
  • MB 236.21, 236.25
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Queen SSTF-1
  • PSA 9734 52
  • Nissan R35 Special
  • Porsche 000 043 206 56
  • Porsche 000 043 207 29, 000 043 207 30
  • Renault BOT 450 EDC 6-speed
  • Volvo BOT 341#1161838
  • VW G052 182 / G052 513 / G052 529