Competition Truck E6 15W60

Speedline Competition Truck E6 15W60 is fully synthetic robust engine oil developed for use under

extreme severe conditions. This product is specially designed for trucks that are used in “off-road races”.

 Through the use of a special combination of synthetic base oils, amongst others esters and advanced

additives has this product a very strong lubricant film. This engine oil has through its composition a high

resistance to oxidation and viscosity loss under high load. This engine oil has the following typical properties:


–   a very low tendency to evaporation

–   a high and very stable viscosity index

–   a good resistance against shearing 

–   a high resistance against aging

–   a safe lubrication film at low and very high temperatures

–   a very good detergency and dispersion power

–   a very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming


Speedline Competition Truck E6 15W60 is fully synthetic engine oil, designed for trucks for race conditions

where the highest performance is required. This oil has proven its quality in engine tests and under the most

extreme conditions particularly in races.



Performance level

ACEA E6, E7, E9