Speedline ATF  8HP is a synthetic transmission oil and has especially been developed for difficult shifting manual gearboxes, as well as for automatic transmissions.

Speedline ATF 8HP enables easy shifting under all occurring ambient temperatures and protects against unnecessary friction. Besides the good EP properties, the product also offers fuel saving properties.

Speedline ATF 8HP safe for all common seal materials, Due to the low pour point and the high viscosity index, the product is applicable in a broad temperature range.

Speedline ATF 8HP contains both corrosion inhibitors, as well as anti-foam and anti-oxidation additives. Because of the excellent oxidation and thermal stability, the oil maintains its tremendous properties. In many cases, also the noise of the gearbox is drastically reduced and shifting is smoothed.

1 Lit: 5060516020560


Speedline® 8HP ATF meets the requirements of:

  •  Aisin Warner AW-1
  •  Bentley Oil PY112995PA
  •  Chrysler 68157995AA
  •  DSI H 6-Speed Transmission (AT 3292)
  •  Honda ATF DW-1
  •  M-1375.4
  •  Fiat 9.55550-AV2, 9.55550-AV5
  •  Ford WSS-M2C924-A
  •  GM Dexron VI
  •  Hyundai NWS-9638, SP IV, SPH-IV
  •  Jaguar 02JDE26444, Fluid 8432
  •  Land Rover LR023288, TYK 500050
  •  Maserati 231603
  •  MB 236.12 / 236.41
  •  Mercon LV/ SP
  •  Mitsubishi SP-IV & ATF J-2
  •  Mazda FZ
  •  Nissan Matic S
  •  Toyota Type WS (JWS 3324)
  •  VW G055 005 /  G055 162 / G055 540 / G060 162
  •  ZF Lifeguardfluid 8