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Speedline’s business philosophy is high-quality oil to the market. Initially we mainly conducted research and development of industrial machinery and heavy truck oil. In recent years in order to target the major markets, we are committed to developing higher quality oils and high performance grade oil market.

In 2010, we entered the Asia Pacific region, with Hong Kong as the Asia Pacific headquarters. After only a few years our high quality oil rapidly developed in the Asian region and the product gained a good reputation. Over the years in addition to continuous improvement of technology we continue to develop high-performance oil.

The base oil of the product comes from the oil-producing areas specially designated by the Euro and United States. After the complicated dewaxing procedure, the highest technological cohesion technology is adopted, and then the unique formula is added to make the oil 100% full play. In addition, the quality of access to API American Petroleum Institute and the major agencies of the certification.